National greenhouse gas reporting needs an overhaul – it’s time to directly measure the atmosphere

Read Matt Rigbys article in ‘The Conversation’ about how DARE-UK will highlight the differences between bottom-up and top-down emissions reporting. “Countries still figure out their emissions by adding up all the sources, without measuring what’s actually in the air”

“National greenhouse gas reporting needs an overhaul – it’s time to directly measure the atmosphere”

How much greenhouse gas is emitted by any individual country? With global emissions of carbon dioxide hitting a record of 36.8 billion tonnes this year, and delegates gathering in Madrid for the latest UN climate talks, it’s a pressing question.

One might assume that we know precisely how much is emitted by any given country, and that such figures are rigorously cross-checked and scrutinised. And in some respects, this is true – countries are….. read more 

Members of DARE-UK engage 300+ students in a 2 day science extravaganza

The University of Bristol’s, Aoife, Alecia, Jenna and Kanokrat, as well as our volunteer Charlotte, took their research out to educate and inspire young people and adults at last weekend’s country-wide Science Festival. We engaged with over 300 students on Friday at We the Curious, where they enjoyed testing their breath for carbon dioxide, building greenhouse gas molecules, guessing the carbon footprint of using a smart phone or watching Netflix, and guessing which animals burp the most methane! Saturday night saw We the Curious open to the public for a spectacular evening of science extravaganza. We the Curious was transformed with interactive exhibits from groups all over the University for FUTURES Up Late, complete with its own bar and DJ. We had loads of interest in our research and people queued up to play our quizzes and find out how they could reduce their carbon emissions. It felt great to get out there and engage with the public, sharing our research and getting the public’s take on what we do … whilst dancing along to some funky tunes too!

Alecia, Charlotte, Jenna and Aoife celebrating after a succesful day of fun science engaging over 300 students.
Repairs made to the methane cow ahead of FUTURES2019 science extravaganza.
Mending the methane cows tail ahead of FUTURES2019 science extravaganza.