Linked Projects

UK DECC Network: UK Deriving Emissions linked to Climate Change Network – A network of four tall-tower observatories in the UK and Ireland making high frequency greenhouse/ozone-depleting gas measurements.

London GHG project: London Greenhouse Gas Project

National Measurement System projects at NPL fund the ongoing measurement and research capabilities at Heathfield and NPL for monitoring of greenhouse gases and related tracers.

traceRadon is a new European metrology project beginning in summer 2020 that aims to improve the accuracy and traceability of radon measurements, and their use in the fields of greenhouse gas emissions verification and radiation safety.

MOYA: Methane Observations and Yearly Assessments – A consortium of UK scientists examining the global atmospheric methane budget.

Integrated Global Greenhouse Gas Information System: IG3IS – If the world is going to stop climate change in the most efficient and cost-effective way, then businesses, cities, and national governments need the most advanced and timely emission information. IG3IS – a subsidiary of the World Meteorological Organization – is here to help.

VERIFY: Verifying greenhouse gas emissions in Europe – Developing a system to estimate greenhouse gas emissions to support countries’ emission reporting to the UN Climate Change Convention Secretariat.

CHE: CO2 Human Emissions – A new initiative to explore the development of a European system to monitor human activity related carbon dioxide emissions across the world.

ICOS: Integrated Carbon Observation System – an international of twelve European member countries and over 130 greenhouse gas measurement stations aimed at quantifying and understanding the greenhouse gas balance of Europe and neighbouring regions. ICOS data is made available at the Carbon Portal, a one-stop shop for all ICOS data products.