Linked Projects

UK DECC Network: UK Deriving Emissions linked to Climate Change Network – A network of four tall-tower observatories in the UK and Ireland making high frequency greenhouse/ozone-depleting gas measurements.

London GHG project: London Greenhouse Gas Project

MOYA: Methane Observations and Yearly Assessments – A consortium of UK scientists examining the global atmospheric methane budget.

Integrated Global Greenhouse Gas Information System: IG3IS – If the world is going to stop climate change in the most efficient and cost-effective way, then businesses, cities, and national governments need the most advanced and timely emission information. IG3IS – a subsidiary of the World Meteorological Organization – is here to help.

VERIFY: Verifying greenhouse gas emissions in Europe – Developing a system to estimate greenhouse gas emissions to support countries’ emission reporting to the UN Climate Change Convention Secretariat.

CHE: CO2 Human Emissions – A new initiative to explore the development of a European system to monitor human activity related carbon dioxide emissions across the world.