DARE-UK will preform new research that will improve bottom-up and top-down methods, and their integration, for the benefit of national GHG reporting and our understanding of GHG fluxes from anthropogenic and natural ecosystems. Through the four work packages we will:

  • Work Package 1: Develop bottom-up methods that will allow us to better relate the UK inventory to the fluxes that are observed by atmospheric observations, and improve the representation of natural fluxes;
  • Work Package 2: Deploy new measurement systems that will allow us to diagnose the contribution of particular sectors to observed GHG concentration, and exploit new observations from space;
  • Work Package 3: Make improvements to our top-down methods to use in situ and remotely sensed observations to quantify sector level fluxes;
  • Work Package 4: Improve the information flow between top-down and bottom-up estimates.

The UK is currently one of only two countries that regularly reports top-down estimates of its GHG emission to the UNFCC. Through this project, we aim to extend and consolidate this world-leading national capability.